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AQA GCSE Media Studies

The media is an integral part of our lives and in order to appreciate the effect it has on us we need to be media literate. This GCSE offers you the chance to develop the skills necessary to analyse media texts, understand how and by whom they are produced, explore issues of media ownership and to appreciate how new technologies are changing the way in which we consume the media. The course also offers the opportunity to develop key practical skills in areas such as Filming techniques, Photography and Digital design.

Coursework 60% of total marks (Centre-assessed)

There are 3 coursework assignments set that are completed in Year 10 and the first term in Year 11.

Assignment 1 Introduction to the Media

This assignment aims to introduce students to the analysis and interpretation of media texts through the analysis of media language and the application of media terminology and techniques

This first coursework assignment involves students researching the Newspaper industry and then analysing and making a mock-up of their own Newspaper front cover following all of the codes and conventions of the medium.

Assignment 2 Cross-Media Study

This assignment aims to encourage candidates to consider the interdependence of media texts and how producers seek to achieve synergy where a particular text can be seen to appear on different media platforms. The release of a new film, for instance, will result in a media-wide campaign with material generated across different forms such as Television, Magazines, Radio, Newspapers and the Internet.

The second coursework assignment involves students analysing film promotion, they will be required to compare the impact of different promotional materials used by either a film or television programme across two different platforms. The students will also be required to produce a storyboard to represent a trailer appropriate to the genre and a poster to advertise the release of the film.

Assignment 3 Practical Production and Evaluation

The last piece of coursework is worth 50 % of the coursework grade and involves students having to undertake a practical production, from conception to realisation, together with a 700-800 word supporting account. The practical production will involve the creation of a three minute music video to accompany all or part of a track, for this task the students are encouraged to work in groups and expected to contribute equally to all stages of production.


Controlled Test - 1 hour and 30 minutes - worth 40% of total marks – (Externally assessed)

The exam is based on a pre-released topic e.g. advertising, newspapers science fiction films, television drama, television news etc. The students are given guidance notes and stimulus material. They will have to answer essay style questions and produce a practical production and evaluation. The production could be story boarding a television advert or the opening to a new television programme.

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