Welcome to Year 10

Achievement Lead

  • Mr M Whittingham

Dean of Students

  • Ms M Tomlinson

Graduate Lead

  • ​Mrs H Heath

Achievement Team

The achievement team is made up of the achievement lead, the link senior leader (graduate lead) and is supported by year group teaching team. The team leads the monitoring of achievement within the year group, meets with students about their performance and actions core tier changes based upon the reports and assessments collected from subject teachers after each teaching cycle.

What this year has in store

Year 10 sees this year group build on a previous years worth of GCSE and Btec learning. Focus towards these examinations will be sharpened by regular assessment within all subjects. Hard work and good attendance are imperative as this year group moves towards the most important year in their educational lives. Students need to take advantage of the teaching expertise at the Academy along with the support and interventions which will be available to them. If the year group continue to make rapid behaviour and academic progress they will be in a fantastic position as they head to year 11.


It is expected that pupils in Year 10 do 2 hours of homework each evening.

Year 10

Upcoming Events

  • 3/6/19 Start of Term
  • 24/6/19 - 28/6/19 Y10 Work Experience
  • 15/7/19 - 19/7/19 Graduation Week
  • 15/7/19 - 18/7/19 Graduation Week
  • 19/7/19 Sports Day
  • 24/7/19 Academy Year End

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May 2019


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