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Farm Residential Trip

After a long bus journey and arriving at the wrong farm we settled down for a quick tour of the farm and a beautiful meal prepared for us by the lovely staff on the farm. However, due to a storming hitting the area we was without power or any electricity. After a few games around the dinner table it was time for bed.

The morning rounds consisted of getting up at 7am to feed the; chickens, cows, goats, pigs, horses, sheep, dogs and rabbits. Each morning, lunch and dinner each student took it in turn to prepare food for the rest of the group.

After breakfast each morning the group was split into smaller working groups to work in different areas around the farm. These consisted of; wood chopping, horse work, gardening, farm maintenance, herding sheep and preparing food. The students attitude and dedication to each session was unbelievable and the staff on Jamie’s farm were amazed at how amazing the students were and how much much care and attention they provided at each session.

After another night of no electricity we decided to have an early night as the student were exhausted due to their outstanding efforts around the farm.

Over the next couple of days the students had a chance to work in each area of the farm and they loved it!! Two students mentioned, ‘I’m going to stay here and work on a farm, it’s AMAZING, I love it’

On Wednesday afternoon everyone hiked for several hours up a mountain. The students attitude and dedication to reach the top was nothing short of truly inspirational. Every single student made it to the top, the only school to manage it for several months. This meant for one thing... sliding down he mountain any way we could coming down.

After hot showers, games and another amazing dinner it was time to sleep and prepare for our final day on the farm.

Throughout Thursday the students continued to show a fantastic attitude, grit, perseverance, resilience and passion towards each area on the farm and continued to amaze Jamie’s farm staff.

Throughout the day and evening each student had to give ‘shout outs’ to other students for their fantastic efforts throughout the day.

The trip suddenly came to an end and it was time to return to DCA. Each and every student loved their experience on the farm and will be taking away fantastic memories that will last with them for a life time.

Every activity was there to challenge the students in some way. They each had to overcome something that they wouldn't have believed possible before being on the farm. Whether that was a fear of certain animals, a fear of cleaning the animals out, a fear of heights on the mountain or just to keep on preserving through everything.

Each student showed a high level of enthusiasm to everything and just kept going no matter how hard. They all pulled together and worked as a team to do every single thing.
Even when faced with things out of the teams hands they just kept on finding new things to test themselves.
Which made for not only a truly fantastic experience but an inspiring team.

February 2019


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