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Curriculum Intent

Geography sits at a crossroads between the physical and social sciences. Through Geography scholars can be inspired to think critically about the world around us, developing a curiosity and fascination to know more about the biggest issues affecting our world today.

The geography curriculum allows scholars to study diverse places, people and resources from the natural and human environment, deepening their understanding of the complex interaction between the natural and human world.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, temporally and spatially. It is also cumulative and integrated in structure, where scholars gain an awareness and understanding of being a global citizen, including environmental futures, sustainability and diversity, allowing scholars to deepen their understanding of the opportunities and challenges created by the interaction between the natural and human world in the 21st century.   

Key Stage 3

Geography at KS3, identifies and builds upon the geographical knowledge and skills scholars have developed at KS2, preparing scholars to meet the demands of the GCSE course.

Year 7

You will begin your study of Geography by investigating your sense of place within our local area of Nottingham, the East Midlands and the wider UK. You will explore the dangers of extreme weather, the diversity of Asia and, within a climate change unit, the impact we have on our world as individuals.

Year 8

You will deepen your geographical understanding of the world around us by investigating the physical and human geography of Europe, entering the dangerous world of extreme climates, further exploring our diversity of Africa and further examining the impact population pressure is having on our world and climate change.

Year 9

You complete your KS3 learning by developing an understanding of the geographical history of Nottingham and wider area, delving into the dangerous world of hazards, exploring the diversity of South America and investigating contemporary issues surrounding uneven development across the world.

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Key Stage 4

Geography, at KS4, builds on the knowledge and geographical skills gained at KS3 as scholars embark upon a journey through the AQA GCSE Geography 8035 course.

In GCSE Geography, scholars work towards 100% terminal examinations. This is comprised of three papers:

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment (35%)

  • Within paper 1 you further develop your understanding of natural hazards, climate change, ecosystems, river and coastal landscapes.

Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment (35%)

  • Within paper 2 you further develop your understanding of urban issues and challenges, examine the ever changing economic world and challenges associated with managing the world’s resources.

Paper 3: Geographical applications (30%)

  • Within paper 3 you further develop your understanding of major geopolitical problems facing the world today and conduct geographical fieldwork.

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Course Information

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