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Djanogly City Academy


At Djanogly City Academy, we are committed to promoting a culture of reading across the academy.  Studies show that children who read, particularly for pleasure, do better at school.

The library provides resources for scholars across all year groups with library facilities at both sites.  There is a wide range of both fiction and nonfiction books. 

The fiction stock is intended to provide scholars with enough choice to encourage the desire to read, with the books being at an appropriate level for them to improve their reading. 

Nonfiction stock is provided to support both the leisure interests of our scholars and to support them in the curriculum. 

The library manages the book stock using a system called ‘Reading Cloud’.  Scholars are able to access this so that they can check for books that are available, make reservations and renew books that they would like to take out for longer. 

The link for Reading Cloud can be found below.  

Library Opening Times

Scholars are able to access the library at lunchtimes. Scholars can use the library to read, do homework and carry out their own research or other quiet activities.  Computer access is also available in the library at this time too.

Library Lessons

All Year 7 and 8 scholars have a weekly lesson in the library where they follow the Accelerated Reader programme.  Scholars take a test to see what level of books they should be reading and then read books to that level.  Once they finish a book, they take a short test to check their understanding.  Scholars are then tested at the end of each teaching cycle to check that their reading skills continue to improve. 

There are rewards for those scholars who become ‘word millionaires’ by reading a million words and also for those scholars who take the most quizzes. 

Scholars also have access to MyON, a selection of books that can be read online and then quizzed as part of the AR (Accelerated Reader) programme.

Parents are also able to log themselves to see their child’s progress in reading by logging on to the Renaissance Home Connect link below.  They will be able to see the books that their children  have been quizzing on and their child’s scores in those quizzes, the number of books read over the past term or year. Parents will also be able to see the number of words that their child has read. Usernames and passwords are the same as the scholars use to logon.  If you would like any more details then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of library staff.

Renaissance Home Connect 



DCA Accelerated Reader Page



Selection of AR books 


Other Library Information

The library runs after school clubs as part of the enrichment programme for Year 7 and 8.  It also organises author visits and competitions throughout the year.  There are also reward parties for scholars who have helped in the library or have done well in their reading lessons.