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UKMT Junior Maths Challenge 2020


In May 2020 scholars in our current 8t1 and 9t1 were invited to take part in the UKMT junior maths challenge. This has been a long-running tradition at DCA that provides an opportunity for our scholars to work at a higher level and develop their problem solving skills.

The UKMT junior maths challenge typically requires scholars to show what they have learnt in their mathematics lessons across the year and apply these to complex problems and real life situations. Due to restrictions in place at the time and a partial school closure they had to prepare for and complete the test on-line at a specific time on a specific date.

In the week of the test, scholars from 8T1 and 9T1 were given lessons to help them practice the types of questions they could expect on the day. Our scholars engaged well with the lessons, with many seeking advice from their teacher on the more difficult questions and persevering past the allotted time to ensure they fully understood the underlying concepts in these questions. In doing so, our scholars showed resilience in taking this opportunity for further development in strange times, with many choosing to complete extra practice questions set both on Classkick and made available through the UKMT maths challenge website.

We had 31 scholars take part in the maths challenge and are proud to say that two scholars in 8t1, Guarab Ale Magar and Katreena Kaur, achieved a gold award.  Additionally, Saim Muhammad achieved a silver award to gain the highest marks from year 9.

These are remarkable achievements and they should be very proud of what they achieved in the face of disadvantage, compared to previous years. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank the parents of the scholars who took part, for their encouragement and support to enable our scholars to attempt the maths challenge.

Picture below is Katreena Kaur and Guarab Ale Magar receiving their awards from Principal, Mr Andy Smith