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Djanogly City Academy


Teamwork skills

Studying subjects such as; physical education, science, drama and design and technology shows employers that you have experienced and attained teamwork practice.  

Additionally, if you have; had a part-time job, taken part in any after school activities, been part of a sports team or simply helped out around your house, this can be translated into successful teamwork.

Problem Solving skills

Studying subjects such as; maths, science, psychology, sociology, design & technology and computer science shows employers that you are experienced in effective problem solving.  

Additionally, if you have; played a video or board game, fixed a biked or helped plan a day out, you have practiced problem solving.  

Leadership skills

Studying subjects such as; drama and physical education, shows employers that you have practiced subjects which involve leadership (Top Tip: give a successful example of a time when you were a leader or showed leadership in a group).  

Additionally, if you have; captained a sports event, looked after children (babysitting), or organised an event, you have shown leadership.

Critical Thinking skills

Studying subjects such as; R.E, maths, psychology and sociology, science, English, geography and history, shows employers you have been taught to think critically.  

Additionally, if you have; discussed the news, chose to save/spend money or weighed up options, these can be understood as critical thinking.  

Creativity skills

Studying subjects such as; art, design & technology, English and drama, all show employers you are inventive and imaginative.  

Additionally, if you have; edited photos, made cards/presents, decorated your room or written stories, provides evidence of your creativity in practice. 

Time Management skills

Studying subjects such as; food technology, science and design & technology, shows your employers that you have experienced managing time.  

Additionally, if you have; cooked a meal, balanced school and life or attended sports events, this can provide examples of when you have managed your time well.

Research Skills

Studying subjects such as; science, history, psychology and sociology,  can show your employer you have experience in researching.

Additionally, if you have; booked a holiday, shopped online or looked for a job, you have shown times when you have researched well.

Digital Literacy skills

Studying subjects such as; computer science, art and design & technology, can show your employer that you have experience in digital literacy. 

Additionally, if you have; sent an email, used social media, shopped online or written a blog, you have shown added experience in digital literacy.

Understanding Data skills

Studying subjects such as; science, maths, psychology, sociology, computer science and geography, can show your employer you are capable of understanding data.

Additionally, if you have; checked train/bus times, read reviews, shopped online or discussed the news, you have shown experience in understanding data.

Adaptability skills

Studying subjects such as; drama, science, physical education and design & technology, will show your employer that you are capable of adapting.

Additionally, if you have; moved house, changed jobs, started at a new school or travelled abroad, you will be seen to have experience in being adaptable.