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Curriculum Intent

Spanish is a language that spans numerous countries and cultures. The ability to speak and understand the language will enable scholars to make connections and broaden their cultural horizons in an increasingly interconnected world. Our curriculum builds upon itself to allow scholars to develop strong communicative competencies as well as a deep cultural understanding.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Scholars begin their Spanish language learning journey by developing their phonics and pronunciation before moving onto the topics; about me, free time, family and friends and my city which enable them to express ideas and opinions in the target language.

Alongside the development of linguistic skills scholars develop their cultural knowledge through Spanish music and popular culture.

Year 8

Scholars continue to develop their language skills with new topics such as holidays, food and drink and hobbies and activities. Through these topics scholars also begin to use a wider range of tenses and grammatical skills to enable them to engage with the language more fluently.

The strong cultural focus also continues with research projects and lessons around Spanish traditions.

Year 9

During year 9, scholars begin to transition toward their GCSE studies in Spanish by focusing on GCSE style tasks and more spontaneous language use.

Scholars develop their ability to give opinions, descriptions and debate topics such as work, health and social action.

Scholars also develop their knowledge of the wider Spanish speaking world.  

Key Stage 4

GCSE Spanish (Exam Board: AQA)

Scholars studying Spanish at GCSE will build upon all of their previous knowledge to develop spontaneous language and engage with the language in a number of situations as well as with authentic materials. Scholars have the opportunity to develop the 4 GCSE skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

The GCSE qualification is made up of 4 equally weighted (25%) exams in each of these skills.

In order to achieve a strong grade on this course scholars should immerse themselves in Spanish as much as possible outside of the classroom by reading news or articles in Spanish, listening to Spanish music and speaking as much as possible.  

Useful Links

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Curriculum Overview