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MyPath Careers information website with short videos looking at different career choices.
Ideas4careers Are you looking for information on careers and the world of work? Impartial, high quality careers and labour market information can help you decide what pathways might be best for you.
National Careers Service  Provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.
D2N2  At D2N2, we believe that anyone who wants to work should have the opportunity to do so, therefore our focus is on breaking down those barriers to work people with multiple and complex needs currently face. To do this we encourage businesses to recruit inclusively.
Careers Analysts 

Education and careers advice for teenagers

My World of Work

Learn more about yourself, explore your options and find the career that's right for you

Career Insights

Career Insights was born out of the desire to help students and career changers find their career calling.

Bitesize Careers

Whether you’re deciding what to study, taking your exams, planning a career, or just curious, we’re here to explain the world of work, with advice from people who've found the right path for them.

Get Into Theatre

Theatre has hundreds of rewarding careers. Choose yours.=

Careers in Health

Find out about working in the NHS


UCAS Apply to university, explore courses and get guidance.

Job Profiles 

Prospects Matching skills and personality to jobs.
Indeed Search jobs and locations.


NCS  Want to make this summer one you’ll never forget? Register for NCS today and get ready to meet a bunch of new mates, learn life lessons, skills and hacks, get your voice out there, and push yourself to new limits...in the best way possible!
DO-IT Do IT is building a new kind of network. A network that’s designed from the bottom up to put you in control. Data in your hands. For healthier futures. For Life.
Ambition Nottingham Ambition is a free scheme aimed at students over the age of 16 who want to find out more about studying at university.


Which? University Compare UK universities and courses

Apprenticeships & Traineeship 

Find an Apprenticeship Apply for local apprenticeships
Not Going to Uni Sponsored degrees, apprenticeships and traineeships.
Young Professionals UK  Everything you need to find apprenticeships, work experience & insight days, all in one place with some of the worlds biggest brands!
Remit Group We’re passionate about apprenticeships and changing lives. Whether you’re looking for your future career or seeking advice on how apprenticeships can transform your business – you’re in the right place.
Apprenticeship Information 2019 Parent's pack apprenticeship information
Rate My Apprenticeship Online Guide RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk is the UK's leading job resource for young people seeking apprenticeships.
How your favourite subject could lead to an Apprenticeship? Have a look how your favourite subjects could lead to an apprenticeship.

CV Help 


CV format and examples


Top Tips for writing a CV (Dos and Don'ts)

Success at School

First CV template 

National Careers Service

CV advice, job search, networking


Writing a CV 

Writing Emails 

The Balance Careers

offers some Great Advice when applying online for a job

Application Form 

Total Jobs

offers insight when approaching application forms online


offers more tips on job application forms

Interview Preparation

Prospects  Advice when preparing for interviews.
The Balance Careers Teen Job Interview questions, answers, and tips